The Ennogie Solar Roof

Considerations on a new roof have taken an entirely new turn after Ennogie launched its solar roof. A roof that replaces traditional roofs in their entirety. If you need a new roof, you have two options: a traditional roof that will cost you money throughout its lifetime or an active solar roof as a smart technology solution that will pay for itself two times or more in ANZ. The choice is no longer slate, colorbond, or tile roof. There is a new, real and smarter option for you – the solar roof which is replacing traditional roofing solutions around the globe while earning money for its owner.

The Ennogie solar roof is relevant for both commercial and residential application. When it comes to residential dwellings it is a good choice for houses, granny flats, and investment properties. So if you are looking for a new roof on a new build or through a renovation – we recommend you consider a solar roof by getting in contact with us.

The Ennogie solar roof is a good deal.

A new roof from Ennogie costs a bit more than a traditional quality roof. But unlike these roofs, which are and will remain a cost, the Ennogie roof will pay for itself – and then some. So it is a good deal to invest in solar roofs. The higher your power consumption, the better the deal will be.


When you opt for the solar roof, you will get a roof which:

  • Pays for itself and then some

  • Is a good deal for the owner

  • Gives the owner a higher disposable income from day one… Or if the buyer is a company, better operating economy from day one.

Award-winning design

Most Australians are familiar with traditional solar cells, which is why they are perhaps not the first option they consider when they want to have a stylish new roof installed in their home. After all, many people want their new roof to bring an additional touch of beauty to their dwelling and contribute to its coherence and aesthetics. BUT the Ennogie solar roof has set entirely new standards, and it has been developed from the very start to match most structures and be suitable for modern architectural styles. If you opt for the Ennogie solar roof, you will have a roof that has received several Danish and international design prizes and that stands forth as a unique roofing solution with strong overall characteristics. The roof has been awarded, among other things, the 2016 Danish Design Award, in competition with 5,500 contestants from 59 countries.