The international award winning Ennogie solar roof is Danish designed and German engineered. Stunning in appearance, built to harness raw energy and withstand extreme conditions, it is rapidly changing roofs worldwide.


in innovative aesthetics

The Ennogie roof proves that the beauty lies in the simplicity – not a solar cell that is placed on top or inserted into an existing roof. The Ennogie concept is a smart (fully integrated) solar roof that is clean and uniform. Be proud and invest in award winning clean energy.


from your energy roof

An Ennogie roof is less expensive to obtain, to mount and to maintain than you might think, and after only a few years, you will be earning money on your roof. No other roof provides such a return.


with your eco roof

Within a single year, the use of an Ennogie roof has reduced CO2 emissions by more than the CO2 outputted from its production. No other roof simply exists to make the world a better place.  You will use  the electricity for your home and family delivered by your Ennogie roof with zero carbon footprint.

"This is a real investment, putting more cash in your pocket, adding beauty and value to your home, and taking your family to a different level of social responsibility..."
Ennogie Australia




  • Ennogie uses thin film photovoltaic modules which perform better than crystalline silicon at low light and high temperatures

  • Absolute insulation resistance through precise laser edge ablation

  • Eliminated risk of reduced output

  • High efficiency and output relative to size 

Power Output Warranty

90% of rated power in the first 10 years

80% of rated power 10 to 25 years

Product Warranty

10 years on material and workmanship

  • Fire Rating A/B – tested to highest levels

  • Corrision resistant – salt mist test compliance

  • Hail Damage resistant

  • Meets CSA standards – Canada / USA

  • CE Marked & DVE Certified

  • Manufactured in Germany

  • Most Eco-efficient in the entire solar sector

  • Clean energy at the lowest carbon cost 

  • Reliable vapour and moisture barrier